The World Bank Implementation Support Mission held during 12 – 22 September 2017 to assess the status of preparatory activities agreed upon by MIWRM at the last mission held in May 2017 in the process of formulating phase II of CRIP to implement Hydro-met Modernization and Flood mitigation interventions in Kelani Basin.

The Mission??led jointly by Ms Federica Ranghieri (Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist/task team Leader) and Mr. Suranga Kahandawa, (Senior DRM Specialist/Co-TTL), Deepak singh (Senior DRM Specialist), Keiko Sakoda (DRM Specialist), ??Mr. David Rogers (Hydromet Advisor), Peter Keressens (Senior Hydralics Engineer), and Mr. Susrutha Goonasekara (Social Development Specialist). Mission commenced with the kick-off meeting held on 14th Sept 2017 at Project Management Unit which was chaired by Secretary, MIWRM and attended Project Director, Deputy Project Directors and key staff of PMU.

Mission members critically reviewed the process of developing basin investment plan for Kelani basin being undertaken by Ms. Atkins as International Implementation Support Consultant hired under CRIP 1. Focus was given to discuss the different preliminary flood mitigation options identified by the Ms Atkins as a result of flood risk modelling carried out by the consultant together with counterpart staff work with the international consultant. Mission members further discussed the way forward for conducting socio economic survey and Information, Education and Communication campaign to obtain information from possible affecting people in the 50 feet zone away from both river bank due to flood mitigation intervention that would be implemented under CRIP II. In fact, mission highlighted the urgency for conducting full scale communication strategy prior to the conducting of socio-economic survey followed by Strategic Social Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment and preparation of Resettlement Action Plan which are prerequisite for getting World Bank???s board approval for the effective of CRIP II. ??As a part of the mission programme number of review sessions held with Ministry of Disaster Management, Ministry of Megapolis and External Resources Department of treasury.


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