???Flood in Lower Basin of Kelani River is an everlasting headache for us. I have been facing lots of hardships during flood as a Government Agent in the Gampaha District. We have experienced that people who are living in flood prone areas in Kelani River Basin gets nervous when rain comes??? said Mr. Sunil Jayalath,

Government Agent of Gampaha district when addressing the audience of consultative session held at Hotel Taj Samudra on 14th November, 2017.

Furthermore, the Government Agent pledged his support to the Project, since he is looking forward for any interventions which would mitigate the flood in Kelani River Basin.

The consultative session was organized by the Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP) with the collaboration of Department of Irrigation for giving awareness to the main stakeholders of the CRIP. Session was conducted with the aim of obtaining the corporation and support from stakeholders for planning and implementing flood mitigation proposals for lower Kelani River Basin. Participants were well informed on proposed flood mitigation proposals and the science behind the proposed methodologies.

Eng. D.C.S Elakanda, Project Director of CRIP described the background of CRIP and achievements made by the Project so far. He stressed the importance of cohesive approach and that the need everyone to be held hands equally for this national level effort.

Eng. Mrs. Anoma Pannala, Deputy Project Director for Development of Basin Investment Plans of the CRIP presented the identified proposals for flood mitigations and technical aspects of construction of flood bunds along the Kelani river bank as a practical method for mitigating the present flood.

Mr.Tim Hanon,Team Leader of consultancy team from Atkins International made a presentation explaining technical studies and findings behind the propose methods for flood prevention.

Participants contributed enthusiastically to the fruitful open discussion followed by all the presentations. Issues which would raised during the acquisitions and post acquisitions of lands, practical aspects of flood bund constructions, readiness prior to ground level awareness were few areas that ideas were exchanged during the discussion. Representatives from Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development shared their first hand experience in the two way discussion.

Eng. Mr. Sisira Kumara, Secretary to the Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources Management and Eng. S. Mohanraja, Director General of Irrigation also addressed the audience. Nearly 100 participants from category of main stakeholders of CRIP took part in the session.

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