CRIP is currently engaged with finalizing the flood mitigation proposal for lower Kelani basin in consultation of district level officers. Having implemented this proposal, large number of families and properties will be protected from floods. CRIP has taken every measures to consult all stakeholders including political authorities, government officials, private sector, NGO, CBO and most importantly general public in the lower Kelani basin to finalize the mitigation proposal that would bring more benefits for the majority of people, SME and business community in the area while taking maximum effort to minimize the number of affected people in the area to a very small fraction due to the implementation of the mitigation proposals that would collectively approved by all stakeholders. In this regard, Project is being implemented Social Safeguard Management Programme (SSMP) together with Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign to safeguard the people in the project area and Education and communicate on project and proposed mitigation measure in order to get fullest corporation from the stakeholders for the programme.

Under the social safeguard management programme, priority has given to aware the political leaders, stakeholder agencies and community. Accordingly, a district level workshop was conducted by the project on 24th November 2017 at the Gampaha District Secretary???s Auditorium with the participation of district officers of Irrigation Department, Divisional Secretaries, Grama Niladharies, Local Level Public Officers, Consultant of the Consultancy Team deployed by University of Colombo to conduct inventory and socioeconomic survey in the target area, World Bank representative and Senior Project Staff.

District Secretary of Gampaha, Mr. Sunil Jayalath chaired the meeting and expressed his view by highlighting the importance of the workshop to aware the district officers on proposed mitigation measure and requested Divisional Secretaries and Grama Niladaries to support the project to finalize the proposal and carry out the inventory survey and socio-economic survey to gather information necessary for finalizing the proposal.

Project Director, Eng. D.C.S Elakanda, explained the objective of the project and its intervention to mitigate flood and drought risk of the Lower Kelani Basin. Eng. (Miss) Laksri Siriwardhana – Presented the process that consultant adopted to develop the proposal for flood mitigation in Kelani Basin.

Mr. Leelarathne Paranage, Sociologist of the project clarified the social safeguard policy of the project and how it will be implemented for the target population in Lower Kelani Basin. During the discussion session creative ideas proposed by the participants which would definitely help to further improving the proposals before implementation.

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