There have been substantial loss to the economy due to frequent flood and drought experienced in Sri Lanka recent past. In order to address this issue, Climate Resilience Improvement Project is implemented by Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management under the credit facility of World Bank. CRIP /MIWRM is currently finalizing proposal to mitigate flood risk in Kelani River Basin. Through the implementation of the programme a large number of affected families will be benefitted. A social safeguard management programme is a prerequisite for launching the project intervention to safeguard the affected parties, if there are any negative impacts due to implementation of the proposal.
Under the social safeguard management programme of the project, priority has given to aware the community and stakeholder agencies. Accordingly a district level workshop was jointly organized by District Secretary of Colombo and Project Management Unit of CRIP on 22nd December, 2017 at the Hotel Sapphire with the participation of District Secretary, Colombo, Divisional Secretaries and Grama Niladaris of relevant divisions, Senior officials of the Irrigation Department, Team of staff of University of Colombo, Officials of Ministry of Disaster Management, PMU staff and members of few other relevant stakeholder agencies.

District Secretary of Colombo, Mr. Sunil Kannangara chaired the meeting, he stressed that proposed project intervention will be important to minimize the impacts of Kelani floods and protect the Colombo city. Project Director Eng. D. C. S. Elakanda, clearly explained the objective of the project and it???s intervention to mitigate flood risks of the Kelani basin. Deputy Project Director of the Project, Eng. Anoma Pannala, presented the technical strategy adopted for development of flood mitigation proposed for Kelani Basin. Leelarathna Paranage ??? Sociologist explained the social safeguard policy of the project and implementation programme. During the discussion session, creative ideas given by the participants which would be definitely supported to finalizing the implementation process.

Comment on various issues by PD, DPD(DBIP),Prof. Manawadu (TL/UOC) and SSRSP

Comments made by DS/ Colombo and Director Irrigation / Colombo ??????????????????.

During the discussion time, clarifications made by Grama Niladaries?????????

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