Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP), is implemented for the purpose of reducing the vulnerability of exposed people and properties for flood and drought risks. It is a project of national significance and is being implemented by Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management, priority has given to mitigate flood risks in Kelani Basin. In line with this, project has commenced a communication Campaign to provide information to Education and Communicate on project and Kelani flood mitigation proposed to aware the community and stakeholder agencies. As a part of the programme, two divisional level awareness meetings jointly organized by PMU together with Dompe and Biyagama Divisional Secretary Offices, University of Colombo on 25th April 2018 with the participation of officers from CRIP-PMU, Department of Irrigation, Divisional Secretaries, University of Colombo, Word Bank, Grama Niladari Division and other relevant stakeholder agencies.


Divisional Secretary of Dompe, Mrs. H. G. J. P. Wijayasiriwardhana chaired the meeting held at Dompe Divisional Secretary Office and stressed that, thousands of people affected from 2016 flood in Dompe DS Division and during the flood time, people and school children???s were severely affected due to the flood. Most affected sectors were education, Health, Livelihood and other small industries. Therefore this programme will be more important for the affected people in the Dompe DS Division.

Additional Divisional secretary of Biyagama, Mrs. Shashika Liyanage chaired the meeting held at Biyagama Divisional Secretary Office, on behalf of Divisional Secretaries and stated that, Biyagama is the most valuable commercial area in the Gampaha District as most of the commercial industries are located in the Biyagama industrial zone. As such most of industries and workers are frequently affected from floods. Therefore, we need to build a climate resilience economy and safe future for our community. Hence, we have unavoidable responsibility to support this programme.


Project Director, Eng. D. C. S. Elakanda, clearly explained the objectives of the project and it???s interventions that proposed for mitigation of Kelani flood at the above two meetings. University of Colombo explained their role in Socio Economic survey and requested all local level officers to assist them to conduct the survey in the field to gather socio economic data from sample households. ??During the discussion session of the above two meetings, creative ideas raised by the participants, which would be helped in finalizing the implementation process.

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