Hakwatunaoya Irrigation system which provide irrigation facilities for 2580Ha, with 2833 Beneficiary families were not fully rehabilitated for last 50 to 60 years. CRIP invested Rs 557m under the ID component and undertook this challenging task under the supervision of DI, Kurunegala and DIE, Hiriyala. Work has been done extremely satisfactorily, ??Mr. Christoph Pusch, Practice Manager South Asia Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change Unit of the World Bank who visited field on 15th June 2018, highly commended the work done (Quality of the work, workmen ship, Contract management and the organizing work etc.)?? By the Irrigation Department.



Kandalama and Huruluwewa feeder chanel

Huruluwewa Feeder Canal was repaired under the CRIP financing. There was a complain from the engineers from the Bowathenna EIC division of MASL, that there is a huge conveyance loss from some stretch of the Huruluwewa Feeder canal , due to series of cavities formed in the bed of the canal in the chainage from 2+500km To 3+000km.?? Because of this, 1/3 rd. of water transferring to Kandalama and Huruluwewa schemes were lost and reason were not possible to trace. Under this situation MASL wanted to do a viable solution for this behavior and started undertaking some geological investigation and done some treatment and nearly about 500m stretch were fully concreate lined. Now there is almost zero loss of water and water management staff is playing their role without such problems. WB team said this investment is very effective and appreciated that work done by the MASL.



World Bank team visited Hiriwadunna, Spill structure done by MASL under the CRIP financing. At the planning stage of the CRIP in early 2014, MASL identified some structural improvements of Hiriwadunna Tank, with the estimate of Rs 15 m. Once MASL awarded a contract and commence the work, due to 2014 November/ December Flood entire spillway structure of the Hiriwadunna Tank was washed away and farming community of the tank had to forgo several cultivation seasons without having water in the tank. At this critical moment, MASL discussed with the CRIP and with the approval of the WB, it was agreed to design a new spillway structure for the Hiriwadunna Tank and under take the construction soon. CRIP invested Rs 42 m, for the entire work. Now work has been satisfactorily completed by MASL and WB team appreciated the work done by the MASL and now farmers are cultivating their land without any interruption.

Field inspection team consist

World Bank – Mr. Christoph Pusch, Mr. Suranga Kahandawa and Ms Priyanka

CRIP?????????????????????? – Eng D.C.S.Elakanda ??? Project Director, Eng M.Ariyarathna ??? Senior Engineer

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