Project Management Unit conducted an orientation and progress review workshop in Avani Kalutara Resort hotel at Kalutara on 2nd August 2018 for 72 participants attended representing Kalutara, Galle, Rathnapura and Hambantota districts secretariats including divisional secretariats in four district and RDA and PRDA as key event in the process of implementation of Contingent Emergency Response Component (CERC) of the project.

One of the project objectives is to enhance the capacity of government to respond immediate to the disasters that covers under the project component 4 called Contingent Emergency Response Component (CERC). This component was triggered with the occurrence of 2017 floods as it cased sever damages to lives and infrastructure in Kalutara, Galle, Matara, Rathnapura and Hambantota districts. Both Government and World Bank reached consensus to trigger the CERC thus allocated Rs 475 mn from project funds to rehabilitate the road structures damaged due to the floods that interrupted the transport continuity resulting disconnection among community, villages and GN divisions that caused severe problem for their day to day activities and livelihoods.

In order to rectify this issue Project Management and 4 Districts Secretaries namely Kalutara, Galle, Rathnapura and Hambantota have jointly inspected the road structures to select for the rehabilitation to re-establish the connectivity among the communities based on the criterion of severity/degree of damage and impact to the community. Emphasis is given to rebuild these structures better than that were before the 2017 floods by taking in to consideration of the verse disaster scenario for designing the structures for rehabilitation enabling to protect from floods risks.

With this scope, district planning units together with divisional secretariats, RDA and PRDA officers have developed the procurement plan and obtained approval from the Project and WB to implement the procurement plan.?? Accordingly, district secretariats have advertised the tender notice for calling bids on competitive bidding process to award the works contracts to rehabilitate the road structures.

As district level officers need thorough understanding on the project implementation procedures and guidelines, PMU is conducted this orientation workshop with a view to give clear insights about the project procedures and guideline on procurement, contract management, Social and Environmental safeguard, Financial Management and overall Monitoring and Evaluation of the CERC programme which is commenced the implementation since September 2017. Progress of the programme at district level is presented by each District Planning Directors and issues are discussed at the workshop to find amicable solutions to implement the programme effectively. At end of the workshop all participants were very happy with the outcome of the workshop and commented it as successful workshop as they have not experienced this type of orientation programme even though they had implemented many government development projects under government funding in the past.

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