The Department of Meteorology (DoM), being the mandatory agency for the provision of weather and climate service of the country has already taken some steps to improve  the forecasting skills; process of installation of two radar systems, development of forecasting s kills utilizing the global forecast are some of  them.


In order to meet these requirements, the Government of Sri Lanka has decided to construct  new buildings for  Department of Meteorology  to receive all national and international observational and forecast data and information hubs for analysis, assimilate and produce forecast and information through man-machine interaction, especially to minimize the damage due to the floods, landslides and strong winds at the time of disasters, to benefit for the other users such as operators of shipping & fishery and aviation sectors and the general public


The proposed buildings will be Disaster resilient, cost effective, energy efficient, with adequate Natural light and ventilation, environment friendly, seismic resilient, differently-able people friendly, well-equipped with all the high-tech accessories and amenities. And also it will achieve to green building Platinum certificate level. Essentially, an advanced communication system is to be housed in the proposed building for the facilitation the purpose.


This contract was signed by Project Director-Climate Resilience Improvement Project  and the Chairman of The Design Group Five International (Pvt) Ltd on 03rd January 2020 for Consortium Architectural Consultancy Services of Proposed Disaster Risk Reduction Conservation Forecasting and Communication Hub for DoM. Once the designs are complete in construction of new building will be started.



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