Development of Basin Investment Plans (DBIP)

The probability of occurring disasters in the country is getting higher at present. Climatic changes and human involvement are contributing reasonably to the situation. Government has to allocate nearly LKR millions 55,000 per annum to manage natural disasters caused by mostly flood and drought.

Development of Basin Investment Plans (DBIP) is one of the main components of the CRIP. CRIP is giving timely input for developing investment plans for selected 10 river basins which are in high risks of disaster occurrence due to flood and drought. The high priority river basins in selected list of 10 river basins are under study at present within the component of DBIP. Fund allocation for DBIP in the CRIP is USD 13 Million.

Development of Basin Investment Plans is a consultancy service to improve the understanding of the climate risk, enhance the country???s knowledge base and capacity, and develop a long-term investment plan to mitigate floods and drought risks in following ten river basins.

??? Kelani Ganga
??? Attanagalu Oya
??? Gin Ganga
??? Nilwala Ganga
??? Mahaweli Ganga
??? Malwathu Oya
??? Kala Oya
??? Deduru Oya
??? Ma Oya
??? Gal Oya

Giving the high priority for Kelani Ganga, Mundeni Aru and Attanagalu Oya basins, the development of basin investment plans will be completed during the first phase of the CRIP. Remain will be done in phase two of the CRIP.
Final outcome of the consultancy service would be the development of detailed structural and non- structural drought and flood risk mitigation proposals and investment plans together with the flood and drought risk knowledge bases for the ten basins and preparation of feasibility Reports, Guidelines and Manuals. These plans are expected to serve as guide documents for major investments for long term flood and drought mitigation interventions to be funded by the Government and donors including the World Bank.