Development of Basin Investment Plan for Kelani River

With the flood in mid of 2016, the lower basin of Kelani river was reported high flood with large impact over many properties and lives in Colombo and Gampaha district. Therefore, the preparation of basin investment plan for Kelani rive was identified as a top priority in the list of selected river basin. Thus??? the studies, assessments, and surveys have been carried out for Kelani river basin under consultancy services.

Based on the studies, the following proposals were initially identified for flood mitigation in Lower Kelani river basin.

1) Diversion Channel: Flood relief to the sea.
2) Embankments through the critical Lower Kelani with 1:25 year protection
3) Reservoirs to be introduced further to achieve total 1:100 year protection
4) Potential river regulation to improve conveyance through Improved Reservoir Operations.
5) Cleaning of obstacles to the ???Kelani River flow

Further studies are carried out on above proposals for implementation under second phase of the CRIP. Construction of flood bunds is one of the highly discussed proposals which is under detail study at present. Consultation sessions, awareness programs, social and environmental assessments are also being carried out at present regarding the flood mitigations proposals of Kelani River basin.


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let???s protect the lower Kelani basin from flood risk


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